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Slime on zoom!

With the current Covid 19 restrictions in place, we missed our parties and events so much we decided to take them online!

We can create personalised, custom kits for each person taking part, then using zoom, we can have a great party, with all the laughs and fun but none of the guidelines! Please see below the specific parties and classes we now offer!


Check out our reviews...

Thank you so much! The virtual party was a huge hit. We were so impressed! It worked so well and Amelia had such a fantastic time. You were brilliant with the children and it was managed so well across zoom (much more enjoyable than zoom Rainbow sessions!) We really can’t thank you enough. We were so disappointed about her not having a ‘normal party’ but this was an amazing replacement and we feel we’ve really celebrated her birthday properly now even though we’re in lockdown! Thank you and again and hopefully we can do something again in the future. We will certainly be recommending you! Vicki

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