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Create perfect slime with our medium slime kit. The kit includes:3 scented, coloured glue mixes1 bottle of Slimey Unicorn Juice Activator
1 pot of crunchy Beads
1 Glitter
full instructions.- Please note we no longer send out pots of activator and pipettes as we have upgraded to dropper bottles for more percise application.
Please advise colours or scents you would like when ordering or we will pick randomly.

Medium Slime Kit

  • You can now create slimes at home using our safe ingredients and easy step by step instructions! No more slime fails! 


    Shaving Foam is not included in the kit but will be required to make fluffy and butter slime. 

    When making slime use baby oil on your
    hands to  make it less sticky.

    white vinegar will dissolve slime however
     staining may still occur.

    Keep refrigerated, in a air tight tub.
    Slime will last 3 months +
    Stir Slimey unicorn juice before use.

    Please read the below warnings before purchasing your kit. 

    Slime is not a toy -
    Adult supervision required at all times.
    Do not eat or drink.
    Do not get in or near eyes or mouth.
    Do not heat.
    Product will stain leather amongst other surfaces
    Not suitable for children under 3.
    The Slimey unicorn holds no responsibility -
     used at parents discretion

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