A fantastic huge unicorn slime making kit any slime fan would love! This set includes:
10 x 4oz scented slime bases
  Blue: Bubblegum
  Pink: Cotton Candy
  Yellow: Cookie Dough
  Lilac: Chocolate fudge cake
  Baby pink: Marshmallow
  Purple: Grape Soda
  hot pink: Cherry Slush
  Mint Green: mint choc chip
 Teal: Watermelon
Silver: Candy love hearts.
120ml Bottle of Slimey Unicorn Juice Activator
Pot of micro white  crunchies or
pot of unicorn cereal crunchies
pot of Java chunks
Pot of 'Jelly cubes'
Pot of glitter
pot of clay
packet of instant snow for cloud slime
Full Instructions
 Slime Charms

Chocolate or sweet extras 
Slime charm design will vary, all of the above is subject to stock, colours and scents may differ.

Despatch time is 3-5 Working days, if you require a kit faster than this then please get in touch so  we can let you know if its possible.

Unicorn Slime Kit Mega